What you need to know about hiring a photographer v7

June 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Photographers refer to the hour just after sunrise and the hour before sunset as the golden hours.  The light at those times will give the images a warm look and softer shadows; obviously it is a ideal time to be photographed.  If you cannot schedule during the golden hours all is not lost.  During mid-day sessions try to schedule in a location where there is shade available.  Try to pick a location where the photographer can line up the light, either foreground, subject, and background all in shade or sunlight; lining up the light will improve the ovall appearance of the photograph.  Make sure the photographer is equipped to shoot in mid-day light.  Ask them if they will be using off-camera flash, reflectors and diffusers or other light modifiers.  Light modifiers are basic tools of the trade and all good photographers use them.


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