What you need to know about hiring a photographer v6

April 21, 2014  •  1 Comment

    There are two sayings that come to mind, "You get what you pay for" and "If it sounds to good to be true. it's to good to be true". Frequently there are postings on the web advertising a photo shoot for a very low price that is worth one hundred or more dollars.  Rarely do you ever get a one hundred dollar value for twenty dollars.  Typically the photo sessions are very short, actual shooting time one half hour or less.  Brief shooting time does not allow for time to pose, light, and adjust camera settings to get great results.  If a CD is included in the package the resolution is so poor the images can't be used for printing or posting on the web. Typically the print cost associated with these packages are highly priced.  In summary you may end up paying more for poor quality. 


I understand the saying that you get what you pay for, however; what about the Groupon specials? I'm using one to gather more business since I lost mine a few years ago due to pursing other avenues. What would your suggestions be?
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